Joy Series

With barn doors 


and the series of light for jewelleries

Pictor series

versatile with excellent performances

Static and adjustable spotlight

For fountains and pools 


Recessed for pools and fountains 

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Company Who we are

GENIUS Professional Lighting S.r.l. is a dynamic and well-established company, its espansion strategy and its fruitful evolution set it in a good market position by now, the company is a leader in the production of units where design and high technology are very well combined.

All Genius products have abandoned traditional lamps to use a new light source: LED.

Led is a revolutionary, energy efficient and ultra compact new light source, leds have a very long lifetime and this means very low maintenance cost.

Genius product line is very complete it includes internal lighting, external lighting, decorative lighting and personalized units. Our great experience gives us the possibility to satisfy any type of request even with "custom made" units.

Genius units are able to create suggestive scenes, they are a mix of light and atmosphere.

Contact Get in touch with us


GENIUS Professional Lighting srl

Ex Strada Statale 96

Toritto (BA), 70020


Phone : (+39) 080 603244


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